André Schoots grew up in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Schoots is an international painter working predominantly in oil on canvas.

He has successfully paralleled art with science and with strategic communication. As Ph.D. researching biological developments and as spokesperson of the city of Nijmegen.
His artwork is exhibited, published and awarded in Europe and the US.

Central theme in Schoots paintings is the development of the human condition. In a fresh, colorful palette he combines a realistic metaphoric language with geometrical patterns.
He investigates the dynamics of sociological issues and natural processes. The works are simultaneously lyrical and mysterious.
The artist states:
“I make colorful enigmatic food for thought. For me creativity is a give and take between expression and interpretation. I use the power of visual form inviting the viewer to perceive and imagine”.

André Schoots currently lives and works in Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

Recent exhibitions

2015 Artexpo New York (USA)
2015 Art Monaco (Monaco)
2015 Gallery Global Art, Tongeren (Belgium)
2015 CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)
2015 Museum Casteelse Poort, Wageningen (The Netherlands)
2015 Galleria San Vidal, Venice (Italy)
2015 Marzia Frozen, Berlin (Germany)
2015 Gallery Steiner, Vienna (Austria)
representation ArtExpo NYC, Art Monaco, Spectrum Miami
2015 Galleri Gal, Frederiksvaerk (Denmark)
2015 Annual Dutch Art Fair (ADAF), Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2015 Artists for UNICEF, Palermo (Italy)
2015-2016 Breda's Museum, Breda (The Netherlands)
2016 Art Leydan, Windsor Ontario (Canada)
2016 Dutch Art and Design Salon, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
2016 (permanent) European Art Museum, Frederiksvaerk (Denmark)

Recent publications
Vanguard Visionaries (Art Platform New York City, 2015)
Effetto Arte, March 2015 (Florence, Italy 2015)
Cohen’s Choice (Kunstweek, The Netherlands, 2015)
Internationale Kunst Heute 2014 (IKH-Publishing, Germany, 2014)
Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2014 (Stichting Kunstweek, Netherlands, 2014)
Nationale Kunstagenda 2014 (Dutch Master Painters, Netherlands, 2014)
Art & Beyond, vol 22, Nov/Dec 2014, (Miami, USA, 2014)
Effetto Arte, Sept/Oct 2015 (Palermo, Italy 2015)
Himmelblau Art Compass (Art Domain Whois Publisher,  Quedlinburg, Germany 2016)
Kunstoase, June 2016 (Nationaal Kunstplatform, The Netherlands, 2016)
Booklet Global Art, June 2018, 35 (Global Art, Brugge-Tongeren, Belgium, 2018)
Art International Magazine 2018, 3, 136, (EA Editore, Italy, 2018)

Recent awards
Certificate of Excellence
Palm Art Award 2014, Quedlinburg, Germany
Finalist Painting of the Year
Nationaal Kunstplatform 2014, The Netherlands
Winner Second Prize
Artists Compete 2015 - Art Preferred (Los Angeles, USA)
Publisher's Choice Award
Art & Beyond 2014 (Miami, USA)
Cohen's Choice
Kunstweek 2015, The Netherlands
Sandro Botticelli Prize
Art Florence 2015, Italy
Palm Art Award 2015, Quedlinburg, Germany
International Prize Raffaello
Bologna 2018, Italy